Joseph Smith, Mormons, Knights Templars

Much abstruseness surrounds the Knights Templars. Afterwards the aboriginal cause in 1099, in which Jerusalem was captured, abounding Christian pilgrims began traveling to the “Holy Place” as they had referred to Jerusalem.Situated in the Holy Acreage was the Temple Mount, which was believed to accept been congenital anon aloft King Solomon’s Temple. Jerusalem was beneath austere ascendancy and appropriately almost safe, about abundant of the acreage adjourning it was not. Bandits abounded and abounding times pilgrims were commonly captured, beggared and collapsed as they journeyed from Jaffa to the Holy Land.

About 1119, two veterans of the Aboriginal Crusade, Hugues de Payens and a relative, Godfrey de Saint-Omer formed a apostolic adjustment for the aegis of these loyal travelers.

The crusaders appropriately took the name “Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon”, or Templar Knights. Being accurate to their name, the nine knights had actual few banking resources, appropriately they relied on donations to survive. Emphasizing their poverty, their adumbration became that of two knights benumbed on a individual horse.

Suddenly, afterwards their aboriginal layover to the Temple Mount and abiding to Europe, the Templars al of a sudden began accepting abundance and prestige. Within a actual abbreviate time the Knights Templars had become the wealthiest accumulation in Europe, if not the world. Fable has it they begin something in the basement of King Solomon’s Temple, some abstruse or abundance whereby they acquired ability that accustomed them to access this amazing fortune.

They anon became wealthier than a lot of governments and admiring the backbiting and acrimony of the French pope, who had been afterward their accessory and supporter. The church, accepting collapsed on harder times, bare money. The pope accordingly began to arrangement a way in which to access the fortunes of the knights.

Soon apocryphal moral and ethical accuse were levied adjoin the Templars, thereby a lot of were angled up and accomplished on Friday 13th,1307. Hence Friday 13th has been appointed as a day of bad luck anytime since.

Some were able to escape to Scotland and credibility beyond. Fable has it, some may accept even begin their way to North America and acclimatized in what is now up accompaniment New York,and possibly some traveling as far west as Minnesota.

This is absolutely possible, as they had ability of the apple not attainable by the accepted man and would accept been able to accomplish the expedition beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Suppose the a lot of abreast acclimatized in upstate New York and active their “treasure” about in the forests.

Moving advanced 500 years, there enters a airy adolescent man gluttonous enlightenment. Following admonition from his God, this adolescent man, afterwards abundant adoration and meditation, was begin worthy, and accordingly uncovers some gold plates abreast Palmyra in the forests of New York. Following admonition from God and Jesus, Joseph Smith goes on to begin the Mormon Church, joins the Masonic Lodge and becomes one of the abundant airy leaders of avant-garde time.

The gold plates independent the Book of Mormon, which according to Joseph Smith was accounting in “Reformed Egyptian”. Along with the Book of Mormon were two stones which enabled Smith to analyze the plates.The locals believed the abundance had been active by Indians whom they anticipation were one of the absent tribes of Israel.

Perhaps the Knights Templars did in fact acquisition this abundance in Temple Mount,used the ability to accretion their acclaim and wealth, and in the after years fabricated their way to high New York and appropriately active the plates to alone to be apparent in some approaching bearing by one who would be able to backpack on the work. The Templars would accept in fact migrated from Jerusalem, so there could be some acceptance to the legend.

Many accept the United States is the “City on a Hill”, the “New Jerusalem” That “Bourne” from beginning no adventurer returns. In the aforementioned accepted breadth a Jewish Rabbi already attempted to authorize a Jewish Accompaniment in upstate New York, abreast Niagara Falls.

Who knows, maybe it all ties in together. There are no coincidences in life.

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